Curatorial Projects


Currently working along side Rich Ramsays and his team to curate the white cube… 

Look Again, A Group Exhibition
Curatorial Project by Brianna Scotti
March 26th – April 5th
68 Jay St, Dumbo, NY 11202

Goals as a Curator


To break down the fear of the white cube gallery and the complexity of looking at art. By creating an interactive exhibition can the stiffness of the art world be broken down to welcome those interested outsiders to look at the work a minute longer. 


A fantastical installation will welcome the viewer to look deeper at art as they are fully immersed. Look! Don’t you see? Art holds a story. By creating a joyful, safe space will the viewer find the courage to look, listen, and explore. 


Fear causes inaction. To look and listen attentively at art one must not hold fear of the unknown for this limits one’s perception of their direct surroundings. The gallery will be filled with the strange and peculiar to entice the viewer to look a moment longer.  


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