Human existence is pain. Contemporary society embraces the falsification of one’s self through the construction of a “happy virtual life” via the overuse of social media. These virtual outlets further cause pain to disrupt the human psyche. Society is unknowingly  waging a war against the false idols, fake news, and constructed happiness that is propagated over the many virtual media platforms. Competition to achieve a constructed form of happiness is what keeps society buried in their screens. 
The importance of individual moments has been misconstrued by the simplicity of, logging-on, to escape to virtual happiness. To achieve a mindset that is understanding of life’s flaws and authentically happy is seen to be difficult to accomplish, yet may be the meaning of life. To ask one to step away from their virtual self is almost impossible in today’s society.  What my art is instructing is to live each moment as if it were golden. Life is fleeting. The golden moments pass us by everyday. With each second new moments arrive and depart easily missed without mindfulness. By capturing the transmission of human energy people will be brought to the realization that there is so much more to each moment than what one imagines. Life is a ticking clock. This statement awakens the human presence to be alive in the moment causing the fear of missing out, needing others validation, and unhappiness to vanish.  People worry about capturing the perfect moment rather than valuing the imperfections of each moment. Mistakes are human, error is a part of us, but rising through the struggle is what makes life beautiful. The pressures of achieving virtual happiness strangles the pure motivations of society. 
Being unique is praised by all, yet is condemned if one is to go against the grain. I strive for my art to stand independent from others around me. Fads, trends, and society’s interests are constructed by the media we consume. Through collage and mixed media works, I am able to manipulate the marketing schemes of big business through distorting ads into messages of  hope and freedom. Ripping, cutting, and reworking the images that represent society’s interests is a physical break from the media and provides a twisted spin on the harsh ideals thrusted upon the people. By allowing for mistakes, a fantastical quality is created in the semi-surreal forms I paste together.  Using discarded magazines, images, and papers that once held the attention of society, my work advocates for pure happiness through the understanding of mistakes.